Training Questions

Do I need to complete Federal Training before I begin the State Training?

Yes. Federal Training must be taken first, as a prerequisite for State Training.

When will Federal Training be available?

Federal Training for the next plan year is released sometime in late summer. A notice that federal training is available will be sent to all licensees.

What State Training courses are Assisters required to take?

Assisters who are not licensed agents/brokers i.e. Certified Application Counselors (CACs), Navigators, In-Person Assisters (IPA Guides) – are required to complete the following three courses: Pathways to Enrollment, Taxes and the ACA, and Health Insurance Literacy. Licensed Life & Health agents are only required to take Pathways to Enrollment.

Is SHOP Training required?

No, Arkansas no longer offers SHOP plans.

Do I have to complete a background check?

A background check is only required for initial (new) licensure. For licensure renewal, an attestation on the application is all that is required.

How can payment for AID licensure be made?

Payments can only be made online by credit or debit card.

What training certificates need to be sent to AID?

For Agents/Brokers: Currently Pathways to Enrollment State Training certificates have to be sent to AID as part of the initial application process. For Assisters/Navigators: Pathways to Enrollment, Taxes and the ACA, and Health Insurance Literacy course certificates of completion are required.

Is State Training required every year or just for initial (new) licensure?

State Training is required for initial (new) licensure. It is optional but recommended for annual licensure renewal.

Where can I find training requirements for currently licensed Exchange Producers and Assisters?

They are outlined here- https://insurance.arkansas.gov/uploads/bulletins/9-2016.pdf

How do I create an account for the completion of State Training?

State Training registration and accounts can be accessed here- http://training.myarinsurance.com/ . You will be required to set up a user ID and Password.

I have lost my state training certificates. How can I get them replaced?

Sign into your training account and go to My Certifications to reprint certificates. For your federal certificates you need to sign into your federal account and print the certificates of completion.

I want to go back and review training materials. How can I do that?

You need to go back into state training and review the slides. Also, printable copies of additional training materials can be found in Resources- https://myarinsurance.com/resources/

What is the deadline for licensure renewal?

Current Exchange Producers and Assisters are required to renew their license before September 30th of every year. You have one year after the deadline to renew your license with a late fee penalty. After a year you will need to complete the initial assister licensure at the www.myarinsurance.com training website- https://myarinsurance.com/pages/plan-year-2017-training/